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The fertility of Carpathian Mountains for growing trees and other plantation.

One can find one of the best woods in the world on the range of the Carpathian Mountains. From white oak timber to beech lumber along with different softwood lumber, everything is available in this mountain range. The area has 1/3rd of all European plant species and is the best place for the cultivation of different plants and trees, many people would ask why the plantation is the best in the area, it is because of the mineral water and thermal water present.

The land is the most fertile and has all the conditions for the proper natural growth of trees, plants and different vegetation.Daun, Germany(19 Sept 2006) 011beech-41beech timber

Many suppliers will get their logs from the Carpathian Mountains. This is because softwood lumber will grow quickly in the area and are very easy to cultivate. The mountain ranges from the Czech Republic to Slovakia, to Poland, Hungary and to Romania. Many people are using the area for growth of beech lumber. This beech timber is then taken to different parts of the world where they are further used for woodwork and building purposes.

Carpathian Mountains are the second extended mountain range in Europe and every year it attracts thousands of tourists. Many find this long range of mountain beauty, it has the freshest air, is free from pollution and is the most peaceful place. One can also find white oak timber from here very easily. The white oak timber is then used for making furniture because it’s durable and resistant to moisture.



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