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If you are fortunate enough to visit the European white birch forests of the Ukraine, Russia or Latvia, you may fall in love with these sturdy trees. The birch tree is, in fact, the national tree of Russia. Birch trees offer a peaceful sanctuary and you’ll welcome the breeze that whispers through their leaves. They are literally

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everywhere in this region of Europe, and the by ways are beautifully lined with the types of trees that are used for birch lumber. There is no shortage of the birch supply.

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What Are the Beneficial Attributes of Birch Wood? White birch lumber is related to lumber from oak and beech trees, as they have some properties in common. Birch is durable and light in color, with smooth, white bark. When birch is used for housing interiors and furniture, the bark is often left intact, due to its exceptional beauty. The bark gives furnishings a rustic, durable look that is especially popular in lodges. The veneer of the birch tree is applied to the fronts of cabinets. Our birch furniture quality is the best. We select the highest class “A” quality veneer logs, and we only select straight logs, with no black heart within them.

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Best European White Birch

Birch lumber is quite stable, especially when it is properly dried. We use a special cutting method where the timber is cut unedged before it is dried. After it has achieved 10-12 per cent dryness, it is cut and edged. Drying is vital, since birch timber can be prone to fungal infestations, warping and decay if it is kept in a damp area.
Due to this need for dry conditions, white birch lumber is usually used for indoor furniture. It works especially well in dining rooms and living rooms, as compared to damp areas such as basements or bathrooms. Solid birch is quite easily machined. Drilling and cutting are relatively easy, although the drilling of pilot holes should precede screwing or nailing into birch. Birch wood is sometimes carved or turned. If it is used in furniture in this state, it should be sanded until it is quite smooth before it is finished. Otherwise, the scratching from cross grains is apparent. European white birch is one of the two colors most often used in furniture; the other is yellow birch. White birch is also called gray or paper birch. The heartwood may be darker in color, with flame patterns and knots. Birch furniture is beautiful in its natural color, and it is also suitable for staining. It readily absorbs stains and dyes more easily than some more expensive woods, and it provides an air of quiet elegance and durability in furnishings. Euro Best Wood’s Birch Lumber, European White Birch Lumber details and information. Learn more about Euro Best Wood’ plants and best practices for best possible birch lumber, white birch lumber and European white birch performance.


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