Beech Lumber / Timber

Our main expertise is the  Beech Timber / Lumber , there for  we give this product our full attention and efforts .  start with ours quality logs from the Carpathian Mountains, processed by top accurate  machines ,  and provides a perfect wood cutting, next is the sorting stage  and we  distinguished by quality . next step is steaming process (lightly)  9-10 hours , and  the wood protection treatment( anti fungus) and finally the drying rooms very precise and  controlled drying process (moisture 10% – 12%). The very carefully process provide an excellent  quality and perfect beech timber according the clients demands.

As beech lumber and timber supplier we  will provide you with some of the best beech timber  and beech lumber there is. Beech timber is one of the best wood types which will provide support to your industry  , hard solid dry wood for any purpose.

Ukraine is the best place to get the beech lumber / timber. We also have  affordable hardwood lumber prices which can be imported.

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